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I set up this blog since I've come across countless posts from different forums about whether a certain game works on a laptop with an integrated graphics solution such as the Intel X3100.

While this blog will cover the X3100, which I have, you can also find a link to the blog about the GMA950 integrated solution (which is maintained by ElbertZai), and as such will prove that integrated graphics solutions are not to be brushed aside.

Welcome to the unique world of mobile gaming.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

X3100 Tweak Util by ISAIR

Hello. As mentioned before, ever since I got my new work, it has constrained me from completing the tweak util I was developing for the X3100.

Fortunately, another coder, ISAIR, has stepped up to plate and has come up with a tweak utility for the X3100.

Good thing he was able to come up with it as I couldn't find the time nor the energy to continue with my development.

This shall be a big help to x3100 users out there who don't feel comfortable puttering around with their registry.

A big thanks to ISAIR!

Obligatory disclaimer: Although the app has been used by several people with excellent results and there appears to be no report of untoward incidents, please note that if you use this utility, as with any other software, you understand that there are unseen risks that may cause undesired operation of your computer, we will not be held liable for any consequences that may arise from the use of such software. Use at your own risk.

Now that we have that all that obligatory mumbo jumbo done with, let us proceed.

Here is Isair's post:

isair said...

I coded a highly detailed tweaker for you guys. Please keep in mind that it can't access registry if you don't run it as an admin (in Vista/Win7):

Download at: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y3ijhziggol

I made a topic on CEF and lapgamers.com about it, here is a link to the one in CEF: