Hello everyone.

I set up this blog since I've come across countless posts from different forums about whether a certain game works on a laptop with an integrated graphics solution such as the Intel X3100.

While this blog will cover the X3100, which I have, you can also find a link to the blog about the GMA950 integrated solution (which is maintained by ElbertZai), and as such will prove that integrated graphics solutions are not to be brushed aside.

Welcome to the unique world of mobile gaming.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Games playable

These are the following games that are playable on an Intel X3100.

Note that this is almost the same as the list for Intel GMA950, but you can bump the graphic settings to medium for most of these.

  • Age Of Empires 3
  • Age Of Empires 3 Warchief
  • Age Of Empires 3 Asian Dynasty
  • Audition SEA
  • Battlefield 1942 + expansions
  • Battle Realms
  • Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
  • Bionic Commando
  • C & C Generals
  • C & C Generals: Zero Hour
  • C&C 3 Tiberium Wars
  • C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane's Wrath
  • C&C First Decade
  • Cabal SEA
  • Chaos Legion
  • Chronicles of Riddick (640 x 480, no character shadows)
  • Civilization 4 (in Industrial Age, things get somewhat choppy.)
  • Corum Online
  • CounterStrike Condition Zero, Source, 1.6
  • Dawn of War Dark Crusade
  • Dawn of War Soulstorm
  • Diablo 2
  • Elderscroll IV Oblivion
  • Empire Earth 2
  • Enter the Matrix
  • F.E.A.R. (set on low settings, but not the lowest)
  • F.E.A.R Extraction Point
  • F.E.A.R. Combat
  • Far Cry
  • Fiesta Online
  • Fly For Fun Online
  • Geometry Wars: Evolved for Vista
  • Grand Theft Auto 3
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  • Half Life
  • Half Life 2
  • Half Life 2 Episode 2
  • Halo 1, 2 (2 on low settings)
  • HellGate London
  • Highstreet 5 Online
  • Homeworld 2
  • House of the Dead 2
  • House of the Dead 3
  • Jade Empire Special Edition LOTR Battle for Middle Earth
  • LEGO Star Wars 2 (demo tested)
  • LOTR2 Rise of the Witch King
  • Mabinogi Life Fantasy Online
  • Medal of Honor Allied Assault
  • Mount & Blade
  • Multiwinia - Survival of the Fittest
  • Neverwinter Nights 2
  • NFS Most Wanted Black Edition
  • NFS Carbon
  • Onimusha 3 Demon Siege
  • Perfect World
  • Phantasy Star Universe
  • Pi Story Online
  • Prince of Persia The Sand of Time
  • Prince of Persia Warrior Within
  • Prince of Persia Two Thrones
  • Quake 3
  • Ragnarok Online 2
  • Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
  • Red Alert 2
  • Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  • Red Alert 3
  • Resident Evil 4 (known as Bio hazard 4)
  • Rise Of Nations: Rise of Legend
  • Rome Total War
  • Secret of the Solstice Online
  • Serious Sam II
  • Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Space Cowboy Online
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  • Spore
  • Star Wars Jedi Academy
  • Stronghold Legend
  • Super Dance Online Xtreme
  • The Club
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo
  • The Sims 2 series
  • The Sims Life Stories, Pet Stories
  • Tomb Raider Legend
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • WALL-E (Demo tested)
  • Warcraft III (DOTA)
  • World in Conflict (1024x768, very low settings)
Thanks to ElbertZai who has made most of the list, I've tested each game here and verified them to run on the X3100. For the games I did not have the full version, the demo was installed and then tested. Games were first run using the lowest settings then bumped higher one at a time until a balance of playability and eye candy is achieved. My suggestion is that you do the same as each laptop is unique in a lot of aspects.

If there are games you are playing on your x3100 laptop that aren't included here, please notify us, I will add to this list too, the more games I get to test.

The following are additional games that were found to be playable. Some of these have been run by our readers which we'll be running ourselves if we get hold of these games. Again, we reiterate that game playable depends on several factors, the two most important being the processor and the system RAM. Results may vary.

Tested by Blue Skies (please check out the comments for detailed descriptions):
  • The Psychonauts demo runs, albeit with some stuttering during in-game cinematics -at 800x600 and with all graphic effects unchecked.
  • Bionic Commando
  • Geometry Wars: Evolved for Vista
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo
  • LEGO Star Wars 2
  • Wall-E

Tested by dreamersrhapsody:
Quake 4 and FIFA 09 runs decently on his system.


Tom said...

Great list u have here, it's pretty valuable to x3100 users such as me.

D.r.o.w.n.e.d said...

Thanks for the list!
It has been very useful for me.
You deserve a medal for the list!

Greets to all X3100 users!

CyberNetizen said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Most of the credit for the list goes to ElbertZai who first tested these games under the Intel GMA950, what I and my friends did was to test each game on the list and run them on our X3100s to see which ones would run.

A few games on the original list weren't included here as we didn't have access to those or their demos. Some tested games were added here which weren't on the original list as well.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog and list. As a fellow GMA X3100 user, it's been a real help to me.

I recently played the Psychonauts demo, and the results were pretty good. It was slow at first, however after going to the graphics options on the main menu of the game and "unchecking" all of the graphical effects and turning down the resolution to about 800x600 at fullscreen, it was very playable (still a lot of slowdown though, but again, playable). However, during in-game cinematics, it stutters a lot.

My System Specs:

Dell Inspiron 1525
17" Display
Intel T5550 Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium

dreamersrhapsody said...

quake 4 runs decently on dis..n fifa 09 too..cod 5 works in 4-5 fps..any chances of boostin it?

CyberNetizen said...

Thanks for the input friends.

I recently got COD5 from my brother (he's usually the one who hands-me-down his games soon as he's done with it) and I can tell this is a very demanding game.

I installed it on my desktop with an NVidia 7300GT 256MB VRAM on it and I couldn't get past 800 x 600 without things getting laggy or getting butt-ugly on the graphics.

I'll see what settings it can run (if ever) on the X3100.

Oh, and the CPU does matter a lot in getting decent, playable framerates so a core2duo system will really outperform a dual-core system.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying on top of the list with our user input! I have some more games to report on.

"Bionic Commando Rearmed" - I recently bought this game from D2D and have played a lot of it already. The game is playable, however even at the lowest resolution settings (800x600 at fullscreen), the game doesn't play nearly as well as it should. If I had to make a very rough guess from a layman, the game performs at a stable 10-to-15 FPS without any dips (Virtual training missions perform much better at around 30 FPS without slowdown). The game is very playable and maintains the same framerate even at the most hectic of moments (especially the VR missions which are just sublime in terms of performance), but again, not as good as what you see in trailers and gameplay footage.

"Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for Vista" - I've had this game for about two weeks now, but didn't feel a need to report on it (still don't, but you might be interested). No surprise, this game performs near-perfectly. I play it in fullscreen in 640x480 resolutions with anti-aliasing turned off (the framerate takes a dip slightly with each incremental resolution improvement, obviously), and even in the most hectic of times, the framerate only dips ever so slightly. Even at the lowest resolution settings, this game is still very impressive graphically. This is definitely a winner.

"The Matrix: Path of Neo" - I've only played the initial training stage, and while that doesn't say much about the game, I'll give my initial report: excellent. After I started running the game, it customized the graphical options to fit my PC specs. I didn't do any tweaking, so the settings could very well be bumped up for better graphical effects while still maintaining a good framerate. Anyways, the training level performed terrifically. I couldn't notice any dip in framerate and it looked and performed just as good as it did when I rented it on the PlayStation 2 nearly a year ago.

I'll finish my report of Path of Neo later, but until then, I have a few other games to play (such as Enter the Matrix and the rest of Bionic Commando Rearmed).

Anonymous said...

One more slightly important thing: After testing out Geometry Wars some more, I realized that I could get EXACTLY the same performance at a resolution of 800x600. I compared them again and again, and I could not tell a single difference even with so many enemies clouding the screen at once. However, after I bumped up the resolution one more notch after that, I could see a framerate difference (still very playable, but definitely a noticeable difference in framerate).

CyberNetizen said...

Thanks for the input Blue Skies. You are definitely a big help to our community.

I'll update the games list.

Anonymous said...

Hi CyberNetizen, I have some new games to report on.

To conclude my Path of Neo review: I've completed the game on Discipline (Easy) difficulty, and while there are a few places the framerate dips (nothing under 20 FPS), it remains at a stable 30 FPS through most of the game. The resolution is at 800x600 with a graphics detail of 1 (10 being the highest), and it remains comparable in graphics to its console counterparts.

"LEGO Star Wars 2 Demo" - As the name suggests, this is a demo of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. I ran around in the Mos Isley area as that was the only area the demo had to offer. I ran it at the highest resolution available for my laptop (1200x800 I believe) with everything turned on and 16x antialiasing, and it was smooth as silk. No where did I see a framerate drop, and with a game like this, it shouldn't dip at all in any later levels.

"WALL-E Demo" - Another demo, and another success. I ran it at the same resolution as the Lego Star Wars II demo (1200x800) with the highest antialiasing available and antriscoptic filtering on (basically everything maxed out), and yet again, no framerate drops in site. The levels available to me were Sandstorm Sprint and EVE Pursuit, and both of them performed terrifically (no dips in framerate at all).

CyberNetizen said...

Thanks for the updated info!

I'll include them on the main post shortly.

Anonymous said...

Yet again, I have another game demo tested. :P

"Viva Pinata for Windows" - While the Windows Experience Index score does indeed state that it requires a minimum score of 2.8 and recommends a score of 3.5 (my laptop is 3.5), the game ran poorly as medium settings. With the resolution at its lowest (800x600) and everything at medium, it was nearly unplayable. However, with everything on low and the resolution still at 800x600, it was playable (however most of the great graphical effects were totally absent and looked nothing like gameplay videos of Viva Pinata). Wouldn't recommend it, but its "playable".

Mercury said...

Hi...i'm a Intel GMA X3100 gamer too.
My Specs:
Windows XP
Intel Dual Core 1.7GHz
Intel GMA X3100(6.14.0010.5029)
Intel GM965 Chipset

Here's my list:

1.Act of War: Direct Action 2.Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings + The Conquerors
3.Company of Heroes
4.Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
5.Freedom Fighters
6.Unreal Tournament 2003
7.Lord of the Rings: Battle for middle Earth 2
8.Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring
9.Rise of Nations
10.Star Wars: Empire at War + Forces of Corruption
11.Sword of the Stars + Born of Blood
12.The Suffering: Ties that bind
13.Lost Empires: Immortals
14.Need for Speed Underground 2
15.Kohan 2:Kings of War
16.Army Men RTS
17.Land of the Dead: The Road to Fiddler’s Green
18.Star Wars:Galactic Battlegrounds
19.Starcraft + Brood War
20.Empire Earth

I know...some of these games are old and low rated,nontheless these games are all playable(I played them all myself).I didn't include on the list the games that are already in your list.I hope it helps.

Aequus.Mihi said...

You should add Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl to the list.
MGS2 is playable at the highest settings. But the textures usually disappear on high so I play on medium.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. running on mid-low settings. 800x600 and windowed mode.
I play everything windowed. But it doesn't matter windowed or not it runs good.

herman said...

Great to see this blog. I'm a X3100 gamer too, well, I bought my laptop to help me on my schoolwork, but as you said, students don't just study, we also play. Though the X3100 took a bad rep from other gaming forums, I think the X3100 is pretty much amazing for its limitations, though you have to do a little tweaking most of the time, but that's not much of a problem as forums like this one almost always provides the help needed.

Below are some of the games that worked well on my X3100 that is not covered on your list:

1.Company of Heroes (ran at 1024x800 res, High model detail, High textures, low shaders, low physics, no shadows)
2. Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion
3. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
5. LOTR: Return of the King
6. NFS: Underground 2
7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (I finished the game on low settings with high textures, and no shadows at 1024x768 res but average fps is only 10-15)

This blog is very helpful for X3100 gamers, maybe I'll start my own X3100 blog too.

[Here's my specs by the way - Pentium Dual-Core T2370 1.73GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB SATA HDD, GMA965 chipset, X3100 (latest Intel drivers as of the time of posting)]

Game Dad said...

My daughter has tried to play The Sims 2 on her laptop and it freezes up. She has an Intel Celeron 550 (2.0GHz, 533Mhz, 1M L2 Cache) processor running Windows Vista and an X3100 for graphics. Any thoughts?

xzy said...

There's a bug in new X3100 drivers which makes The Sims 2 crash (usually while placing/deleting walls). The only solution I am aware of is to revert to very old driver version. The number for Windows XP is I don't know the Vista version, though. Maybe

xzy said...

Now I've read on Intel website that you may also try to run the game in a window (add -w parameter to the game shortcut). They also advise to upgrade the driver, but I wouldn't believe.

Social deatH said...

Very nice compilation. Thank you all. Keep it up ! I was wondering if you could provide a list of good/great games which are about 6-7 years older (circa 2003) but which can be played with all details maxed out. I don't want to play games with all details turned down. Also, I want to know a few playable driving games apart from the NFS series and GTA series. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with XP and 2 Gigs RAM.

Mercury said...

I have a problem with battlefield 2.whenever i launch the game.,it goes black and crashes..i wanna play it so bad.Help!Anyone?!

Anonymous said...

few car games i play....outrun coast to coast,XRX rally and hot wheels velocity x. Also can confirm no problem with half life 2 halo 2 and quake 3 all play fine. Great Blog!

The Sho'va said...

Hey everyone, this site is truly a godsend for us x3100 users, thanks a bunch for all the information here.

I am currently running a -

Gateway M-6801m
Intel Core2Duo T5450 1.7Ghz
2GB DDR2 Ram
X3100 965 Chipset

I have personally been playing
Jade Empire at maxed out setting with Bloom lighting and it runs at around 25-30 fps or so. Even smoother if you turn off Bloom and Soft Shadows. The game still looks great without these options. Although it does get a little choppy when viewing large fires.

I have also personally beaten DOOM 3 at low end settings. Although the frame rates are not good, on par with Oblivion at around 15-20 fps on average. Heavy firefights are pretty tuff though, as the framerates can reach nasty lows of 5 fps or so. None the less, it was playable and beatable. Its expansion Resurrection of Evil is totally unplayable though.

Simcity 4 also runs decently smooth with a bit of choppiness when zoomed in. Also very playable game on the x3100.

Also Call of Duty 1 plays pretty flawlessly, while Call of Duty 2 was almost unplayable for me, I made it a few levels in but it became horribly lag ridden when heavy machine guns or tanks began to fire.

Hope this helps to expand the list. Enjoy!

angelo said...

great list. will help in testing and confirming.

Acer Aspire:
X3100, 1.83Ghz Core2

angelo said...

Max Payne 1 and 2 works, both on high settings and resolution

angelo said...

greetings to all.

id like to ask if theres a chance that websites like www.systemrequirementslab.com and www.yougamers.com/gameometer/ (that checks whether your system can run a particular game) could be wrong in analyzing computers with x3100s?


GM965_X3100 said...

I also tested these games:
Gta iv (2008)- playable at lowest settings, 5-9 fps

Wheelman(2009) - no settings available except for resolution- 5- 9 fps

Driver parallel lines(2007) - fully playable at highest settings

the incredible hulk (2008) - fully playable at highest settings

tennage mutant nija turtles (2006)- fully playable at highest settings

counter strike source (2008)- fully playable at highest settings

25 to life (2006)- fully playable at highest settings

the games enisted above are worth getting, and fully playable (with the excpetion of gta iv and wheelman)

Anonymous said...

phantasy star universe and oblivion is too slow to be playable.. i think. resident evil 4 patched is also laggy. the sims 2 is lags too much when scrolling but plays very smoothly when not.
maybe it's the ram(i only hav 1 gig)

anyway, this is a good list. thanks for sharing.

evrdayblues said...

Nice, this list is a great find, and a great service to us low budget gamers. Thanks!
Actually I just ordered a laptop equipped with an X4500, supposedly an upgrade to the X3100. Anyone have any experience with this chip?

I'm mostly interested in running "The Orange Box", i.e. Half Life 2 all the way to Portal. Any info on that?


HungryGrumpyBoy said...

thanks so much for the list man it's great
thought i'd say i have played through halo 2 single player quite a ways without any major issues (8 fps lowest at most gfx-intensive, average 20-25) but it might be because everything about my computer is over-the-top except i have an X3100.

you should all try this:
it makes gaming a lot faster actually. probably not necessary for xp users but if you have the ram-heavy vista it helps a lot.

hp pavilion dv2700
Intel Core2 Duo T5750 @ 2.00 GHz
64 bit
to get Halo 2 running smoother i had game booster and also a 4GB readyboost drive

Harry 07 said...

All games on the Orange box run fine!!!

hungjg said...

Why i can't play Metal Gear Solid 2 on my x3100

My system specs:
Intel dual core E5200 2.5GHz
1GB ram
winxp sp3

hungjg said...

My screen got dark when i started MGS 2
And I only heard the sound .

James said...

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved runs, but is NOT playable on Vista or Windows 7.

The game is focused on split second reflexes and large numbers of enemies on the screen. When large numbers of enemies appear on the screen, the FPS drop to about ten. You *can* technically play it, but after about three minutes, the framerate really starts to get in the way of the game. It's jerky and you won't be able to get nearly the score you would on a computer with a better graphics card.

Anonymous said...

street racing syndicate
runing in 800x600 very playable

Jackii said...

Wow? I've played it will default settings and it seems to be fine for me

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody.

I've got something good news for you.
I bought a notebook 2 weeks ago. Fujitsu siemens amilo li2727, intel celeron dual core 1,76 Ghz, 2 GB DDR II ram, 160 GB winchester, X3100. I used Windows 7 RC on this. I like to play, so I try some games, COD2, Far Cry, F.E.A.R., etc. Every games are going well.

But, I tried to play on this laptop with Dead Space. 800X600 medium quality is playable, everything is ok. After I installed S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and I must telling you: It's playable too. On 800x600, low settings.

Just you trying this games. Good luck.

Adam said...

I play the sims 3 on it, and it runs on all low settings and a 1280 by something screen setting! I love it and it runs exellant i did notice in mabinogi that it said there could be graphical issuses, so idk please let me know if you got that message!

moral hazard said...

Here is my list:
DMC4 demo:
All low settings 20fps. If use 3d analyzer to set max pixel shader version to 1.1 and Software T&L then 60fps.
Or set resolution to 800x600 then 30fps.

TM nations forever works great.

I played (and finished) L4D but the fps went down to 8fps in some cases. mostly hovered around 20fps (all lowest settings).
I would say it's playable depending on your definition of playable.

MY system:
core 2 duo T7300 @2ghz.
4gb ram (dual channel).

It's worth reading this thread:

You can use win7 drivers in win vista and vice versa.

Also overclocking the FSB will increase bandwidth which helps a lot.

My 3dmark 05 score doubles when I overclock my FSB from 200mh to 240mhz.
Here is a link to how I do it:

Nik said...

Just for fun for the experts: How would a desktop Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64MB card (2002) compare to an integrated Intel GMA 4500 (2008)?

I was blown away by this list that a x3100 could run Red Alert 3, my Ti4200 rolled over at it.

Where could I find out what games are playable on a GMA 4500?


Lifeburner said...

My specs are:
Core 2 Duo T5750 @2GHz

And I can verify that the next games can be played on all low, native resolution (mine is 1280x800) without too much stuttering:

World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King
The Sims 3
Battlefield 2 (the game doesn't support my native res, so I used the highest res available instead)
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

AlbertLyo said...

Here's my list...
* Age of Empires III (reference)
* Area 51 (reference)
* Battle Field 2 (reference)
Played on these settings: 1024x768 All low detail settings Average FPS: 25-37
* Battlefield 2142 (reference)
* Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30 (reference)
* Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box (Reference)
* Call of Duty 4 (Reference)
* Cold Fear (reference)
* Command and Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars (reference)
* Resolution = 800x600
* Brightness = 50%
* Graphics Presets = Very Low
* Anti-Aliasing = Off
* Terrain Detail = Low
* Water Detail = Low
* Model Detail = Low
* Texture Quality = Low
* Shader Detail = Low
* VFX Detail = Very Low
* Shadows = Off
* Animation Detail = Very Low
* Decal Detail = Off
* Devil May Cry 4 (reference)
All settings set to low
* Dynasty Warrior 6 (played it myself)
* Far Cry 2 (reference)
* F.E.A.R (reference)
All medium
SHadows off
Screen Resolution 640x480
* Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition (reference)
* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (reference)
low settings.
* GTR 2 (reference)
* Halo: Combat Evolved (reference)
* Hitman Contracts (reference)
All set to High, but Post Filter Off
Res 1024x768
Frame rate: 20-60
* Mafia (pengalaman sendiri
* Medieval Total War II (played it myself)
* Need For Speed Most Wanted (reference)
* Need For Speed Undercover (reference)
The game is running in 640x480, everything is set to low or off.
* Need For Speed Underground 2 (reference)
* Quake 4 (reference)
* Resident Evil 4 (reference)
resolution 640 x 480
* Rome Total War (played it myself)
* Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition (reference)
* Sins of a Solar Empire (reference)
* Simpsons Hit and Run (Pengalaman Sendiri) >>IDWS
* Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory (reference)
Frames Per Second:
Average FPS: 26
Min FPS: 19
Max FPS: 46

Resolution @ 800x600
* Spore (played it myself)
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (reference)
Basic video options:

* Render = Static Lighting
* Quality Settings = Medium
* Resolution = 800x600
* Full Screen = On

Advanced video options:

* (Should be Medium Quality default setting)
* Vision Distance = 50%
* Objects Detail = 80%
* Grass Density = 75%
* Textures Detail = 75%
* Anisotropic Filtering = 20%
* Antialiasing = 0%
* Sun Shadow = Off
* Grass Shadow = Off
* Lighting Distance = 25%
* NPC Flashlights = On
* Shadows Quality = 100%
* Vertical Sync = Off
* Frequency 60Hz = On
* Star Wars; Republic Comando (reference)
* Supreme Commander (reference)
* Primary Adapter = 1024x768(60)
* Secondary Adapter = Disabled
* Fidelity Presets = Low
* Background Image = Off
* Render Sky = Off
* Fidelity = Low
* Shadow Fidelity = Off
* Anti-Aliasing = Off
* Texture Detail = Low
* Level Of Detail = Low
* Vertical Sync = Off
* Bloom Render = On
* Transformers (pengalaman sendiri
* Team Fortress 2 (reference)
Resolusi 640 x 480
Add this in autoexec.cfg will improve performance:

mat_queue 2
mat_queue_mode 2
r_threaded_renderables 1
r_threaded_particles 1
r_threaded_client_shadow_manag er 1
cl_threaded_bone_setup 1
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1

You need a core 2 duo for this to work though.
* The Sims 2 (played it myself)
* The Sims 3 (reference)
medium setting
* The Thing (played it myself)
* Universe at War (reference)
* Unreal Tournament 2004 (reference)
* X-Blades (played it myself)

fedrat said...

You can also add the following:
Dungeons and Dragons Online & Lord of the RIngs Online. Just fiddle till you find the best settings for you.
Guild Wars. Plays all the way up to max.

Akshit said...

all u ppl have certainly missed the best game playable on x3100

devil may cry 4
this game wud put u in luv wid x3100
super looking game even in low settings..
give it a try......

William said...

Phantasy Star Online (the original) runs pretty flawlessly on the x3100. Sega killed the official servers, but there's still private servers out there for you to play on which is great because I loved the game on the dreamcast but I couldn't get access to an internet connection/credit card to play it online back then.

Puzzle Quest isn't graphic intensive and it runs great on the x3100 (fun as heck too). Its spinoffs such as Puzzle Kingdom and Puzzle Quest Galatrix runs wells too, but they can't remotely compare to the original (and I absolutely hate Galatrix).

Dungeon and Dragon Online is definitely playable (and very fun). I have to turn all my settings down, but it runs at at least 25-30 fps and I only have 1 gb of ram.

And I have to dispute BlueSkies' claim on Bionic Commando Rearmed. Even at the lowest settings, the game was running at like 10 fps or so for me. It was just really slow/delayed which made me uninstall after playing it for 30 seconds. Maybe its a ram or CPU difference but it was completely unplayable for me. personally I think you need at least 30 fps in that game because I've played it on xbox and ps3, the game is meant to be fast pace, and you're not going to time grapples/jumps well if its lagging.

Here a short list of other games that ran well on the x3100:

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Best one in the series!)
Mount and Blade
Diablo 1
Diablo 2
Warcraft 3
Heroes of Newerth
World of Goo
Puzzle Pirates

(Browser Games)
Quake Live
Battlefield Heroes

Theodore said...

hey, i'm using X3100 and i've test some games:

1. Modern Warfare 2 (1024x768, texture:High, Map:Normal, Specular:High, no shadow, deph of field on, specular map on, and the other effect is on.)
but i can't play multiplayer and special ops, i don't know why? if anybody have a solution that i need, please tell me.. ^^

2. Medieval Total War 2 (1280x800, shader 2.0, al setting are highest and some high, shadow on)

3. Tom's Clancy Hawx (1280x800, depth of field on, texture high, everyhing on except HDR=off)

4. Batman Arkham Asylum (800x600, everthing on low setting, i can't play this game my VGA haven't meet the minimum required or i can say X3100 can't play this game, if you can, please tell me.. ^^)

5. Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rissing (1024x768, everthing high and some medium but i have some bugs here)

6. The Sims 3 (1280x800, everthing on high setting and all effects are on include AA)

7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (1280x800, everthing on high setting)

8. World in Conflict (1280x800, everthing on high setting but some feature are off such as DX10 Rendering, and i turn off clouds because it reduce my perfomance)

9. Test Drive Unlimited (1024x768, everthing on high and some on medium)

10. Act of War (1280x800, everthing on high)

11. Ages of Empires Series (1280x800, everthing on high but shaders on higgest)

12. Need For Speed: Undercover (1280x800, shadow off, car texture high, enviroment low, and i can't turn on car and the others are medium)

13. Need For Speed: Pro Street (1024x768, Car texture high and the others are low)

14. Need For Speed: Carbon (1024x768 i don't know why this game only can run at maximum 1024x768 maybe you can play with higher resolution, but everthing on high)

15. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (1280x800, everthing on high)

16. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (1280x800, everthing on high)

17. The sims 2 (1280x800, everthing on high and all feature are on)

18. Tom's Clancy GRAW2 (1024x768, everthing on medium and some on high)

19. Drivers: Parallel Lines (1280x800, everthing on high)

20. Counter Strike Source (1280x800, everthing on high)

21. GTAIV: failed to play, i don't know why,, i see some people can play it using x3100

22. Left4Dead2 : Failed to play, i don't have the true crack for this game, so it won't to start, anybody have a solution? ^^

And i have try some older games and i can play it with high setting.
Here are my laptop spec, My proccessor is Intel Core2Duo T5750 2.0GHz (it sucks!), Only 2GB RAM (it sucks too!), and VGA Intel GMA X3100 384mb (not bad but i can't believe it can play some new games with high setting)

William said...

Heres a few more games that ran flawlessly:

Freedom Force
Freedom Force The Third Reich
Trials 2

I got them all during the steam holiday sale :D

[飛] said...

Hi there, great list! I've also tried a bit of games on the Intel X3100, and these are the ones I found playable:

- AaaAAAaAAA!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
- Age of Mythology & Titan Expansion
- And Yet It Moves
- Aquaria
- Area 51 (low/medium settings recommended, stutters on high)
- Audio Surf
- Avencast: Rise of the Mage
- Battlefield 2 (default settings should be fine, if not, turn to Low preset -- runs at about 35-40
- Battlefield 2142 (stutters at times)
- Black and White
- Black and White 2
- Bothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (Runs perfectly smooth on default settings)
- Company of Heroes
- Company of Heroes Tales of Valor (Need to turn down graphics)
- Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
- Doom 3
- Driver: Parallel Lines
- Dungeon Keeper 2
- Dungeon Siege 2
- Elven Legacy & all expansions (Need to turn all graphics down, but resolution at 800x600 is fine)
- Fable the Lost Chapters
- Freedom Fighters
- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (stutter at times)
- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (Also stutters at times)
- Gods: Lands of Infinity
- Tom CLancy's HAWX (turn graphics to lowest)
- Hitman Blood Money
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance
- Midnight Club 2
- Neverwinter Nights
- NFS Undercover (stutters sometimes)
- Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
- Star Wars Battlefront
- Star Wars Battlefront 2
- Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
- Starwars Republic Commando
- Thief 3
- The Sims 3
- Warriors Orochi
- World of Goo
- X-Man Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse

piejonk said...

Recently tried out Starcraft 2 Beta on the x3100 and surprisingly. it runs pretty well. It runs even better with the registry tweak.

My specs are:

Intel Duo Core @ 2.00ghz
x3100 Media Accelerator

With there specs im getting 20-35 fps which is very smooth.

Theodore said...

Here is the game list that X3100 can't play:
1. NFS: Shift. the game is run but when yu wan to play, it will crash to the desktop
2. Batman: AA. playable, but the FPS is very low
3. Wheelman. playable, but the game doesn't have graphic option to change the setting. so the game will run on highest setting. It play but at low FPS
4. Operation FP: Dragon Rissing. Playable, but we can''t see the weapon.
5. GTA:IV. can't run. i don't know why
6. Assasin Creed. can't run.
Here is the game list that i think x3100 can't run:
1. Bad company 2. will playable, but it only get low FPS
2. Assasin Creed 2. won't start
3. Napoleon: Total war. will run, but on med setting.

Paulo said...

Add these if not in the list yet pls.. online games btw:
Drift City; S4 League; Soldier Front.

Anonymous said...

where i download intel tool 2.0

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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mmiiqquueell said...


this is my PC and games

armagetron advance (80FPs)
armadillo run (40FPs)
Counter-strike 1.6 (40FPs)
Counter-Strike CZ (30FPS)
Counter-strike Source ( max. grafics (20FPs))

FOF (140 FPs) min. grafics and resolution 1280x800
GMOD 11 ( 1280x800) grafics min. (40 FPs)

HL1 and Sven coop and mods( 200 FPs)
HL2 minim. (30 FPs)

killing floor 1.000
30 FPs
if game booster is started
50 FPs
on maximun grafics and resolution 1080P

The Sims 3 (20 FPs) playable but BAD grafics

No limits simulation 1.72
(40 FPs)

PHUN (50 FPs)
Portal 1 (15 FPs) Playable but BAD in lvl complex and final

Portal Prelude ( 10 FPs) more BAD, playabe but error on grafics and more fail on portals.

Audio surf.
(30 FPs) playabe GOOD on minimals all

Matrix Path of neo (30 FPs) GOOD

EMulator PCSX2 0.9.7
Bios (60 FPs)
in game (Gran turismo 4)
25 FPs

my PC

Dual core 1.73GHz
VRAM X3100 358MB shared on RAM

Bouncer said...

Here's what i've tried.
Braid - runs perfectly
World of Warcraft
Warcraft 3 tft
Max Payne
SIN episodes - Emergence (runs badly, but at all low gives about 30 fps)
Jack Keane
Trackmania Ntions
Quake Wars (surprisingly good on low)
I guess that's all, so far...

Anonymous said...

Here's what i've tried.
Braid - runs perfectly
World of Warcraft
Warcraft 3 tft
Max Payne
SIN episodes - Emergence (runs badly, but at all low gives about 30 fps)
Jack Keane
Trackmania Ntions
Quake Wars (surprisingly good on low)
I guess that's all, so far...

I'm using MacBook with Core2Duo t8800, 2 gigs RAM and x3100

Anonymous said...

i cant play universe at war earth assault hte screen turns black and the notebook restart

win 7 ultimate 32x
1g ram
intel 965 256
2.3 processor

Anonymous said...

Lineage2 top 100 server private

Anonymous said...

I've played some new games on my X3100, here is the list:

1.Dragon ages Origins (Res:800x600, texture:high, all low)
2.Street Fighter IV (Res:800x600, texture and particles:High, all low)
3.NFS SHIFT (not playable, but can playable by using 3D anylzer the game will start but you won't play with it. No texture bro.)
4.NFS UNDERCOVER (playable at high setting. worlds and cars are high but with no smoke. Res:800x600)
5.World In Conflict (Res:1280x800, texture, animation physics are high. All setting checked but the DX10 is off)
6.Medieval 2 Total War (Res:1280x800, all high. But use Pixel Shader 2.0 only)
7.Battlefields Bad Company 2 (play at 800x600, but you can change the setting by take ownership the setting folder in My Document. And change the value to your playable resolution. All setting are low, and the game will play in low-med FPS)

And here are the list of unplayabel games:
1.NFS SHIFT (use 3D anylzer and the game will start with no texture)
2.Wheelman (low FPS because the game start in default=HIGH, no options to change it)
3.Batman AA (low FPS)
4.GTA 4 (low FPS)

James said...

I'll kinda have to dispute BlueSkies' comment about Geometry Wars. It's technically playable, but if you see it played on an Xbox 360 or PC with a good graphics card, you'll see it doesn't really run at full speed or at a decent framerate on the X3100. A score you get playing the game on this Intel card can't be compared to a score obtained on a full powered system.

Burnout Paradise is playable, but the framerate drops noticeably in several city areas. This starts to be an issue towards the second half of the game, as you start getting faster cars and harder opponents.

Vipin said...

My test

EA F1 Challenge 99-02
EA F1 2002
EA Superbike 2001
Ashes cricket 2009
cricket 2004
Fifa 2005
NFS Porche Unleashed
NFS Mostwanted

Not Playable
BMW M3 challenge

FiestaHolic said...

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play online games said...

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yer said...

i've tried some newest game and here is the result:

1.NFS Hot Pursuit (2010): 800x600 or 640x480, Playable with lowest setting but it will impact to good perfomance instead you'll have no texture on the enviroment but the cars have full textures.
2.Medal of Honor (2010): 800x600 or 640x480, Playable with 20-30fps with all setting are low or the lowest. but you still have some lag on it.
3.Call of Duty Black Ops (2010): 800x600 or 640x480, Playable with the lowest setting and you can also set the config manually but i think it's not have a great impact on the perfomance.
4.Ruse (2010): Playable with the lowest setting and set the resolution to 1024x768 and it will be better (no lag) then the 1280x800 setting
5.FIFA 10: 1024x768 or 800x600 with high-med setting or low setting to get perfect perfomance
6.Toy story 3: 1280x800 or 1024x768 with the highest setting
7.Just Cause 2: Failed! doesn't start because it need Direct X 11 to be playable.

Anonymous said...

Silent Hill 3 also works good

My specs:
LATEST BIOS(I forgot the version)
Dual Core 1.73GHz
No Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

I will try other SH next..

Anonymous said...

The Bard's Tale
American McGee's Alice

Also works good

Kitsame said...

Here is what i played
Dead Space 1 AND 2(yeah 2 it is playable)

N said...


What is your specs?
Ram and Processor?

Anonymous said...

So far, i still play game with X3100.
And i bring great information for you guys, check Intel GMA Modded or Intel Extreme HD Graphic. it's your choices to use. i used the first one with the first version. And hopefully, it can plays many great and newer games.

Here are the list, check this out:

GOOD perfomance [up to 25 FPS]
1. Dead space (i didn't play this one, but my friend play this game. and it shows very good perfomance on x3100) 800x600, all high, shadow off, shader low
2. Dead space 2 (i play this on my own) 640x480, all high, shadow off, shader low. runs great if you want to play with low setting, but you will see small lag in high setting
3. Call of Duty World at War (i made a config for this game so i can play it smoothly, up to 20FPS) 640x480, all low, shadow off
4. Call of Duty MW2 Runs great without any config at 800x600, medium-low, shadow off
5. Call of Duty Black Ops Runs on 640x480, all low. I will make a config for this one.
6. Kane and Lynch 2, runs great on high detail. shadow off, 800x600
7.Resident evil 5, 800x600, all low, motion blur off (you will get trouble when you active this option)
8. SHANK runs great!

POOR perfomance
1. Empire total war, runs on 1024x768, good enough. but it will be laggy when you play battle
2. ARMA 2, not playable. about 5-10 fps. even though i made a config for this, but the resolution is too small, you can play it on your cell phone.

Anonymous said...

carbon does not work!!1

nawnie said...

i cannot believe i have not seen these two games

*star wars knights of the old republic one and two one low settings not lowest but low

also i have not seen an emulator list so heres one.

*dolphin gamecube emulator 3d games at 50% 30 fps 2d maybe better

*epsxe2 ps2 3d games at 50% 30 fps 2d maybe better

*espxe ps seems to run all games pretty well

*project 64 seems to run all games pretty well

i have not tried a dream cast though i imagine it would run fine as well as all earlyer systems

my pc.

inspiron 1525
gma x3100
2 gb ddr2 ram
core 2 duo @ 2.4

Anonymous said...

halo 2?????gosh tell me how to make it run plz ,i have a gma 3150 with atom450 @1.6ghz @1.67ghz,1024 ram ,which is the specs of the current normal netbook

Anonymous said...

Is it possible rlly to play WoW on the Intel Media Graphics Accelerator x3100

Anonymous said...

I have a radeon 6450 which is just about 5-25 fps ahead of the x3100 this is what works mostly on high 720p so low-medium on a slightly lower resolution should work at about 20-40fps for you guys
sanctum (10 fps without tweaks)
true crime new york city (playable)
godfather 2 (untested)
sims medieval (low res playable)
fallen earth (freetoplay on steam)
orcs must die (laggy)

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Anonymous said...

This blog has been really helpful to people owning low end laptops with the X3100.

My config:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 1.66 Ghz
Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family


1.Dead Space 2 - Works OK at about 15-35fps with 640x480 res and everything set to low. Works better with the registry and settings fix available at http://www.mediafire.com/?q49dnmimb8grv2a

2.Starcraft 2 Runs good at low settings.

3.Counter Strike 1.6/CZ Works perfectly without a hitch

4.Counter Strike Source & Half Life 2 run really good too at medium-high settings

Thats all i've tested for now.

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apa aja said...

dude ^_^
i need recommend game for my netbook please...
cpu intel atom n550
ram 2gb
vga GMA 3150 :)
can you recommend what game compatible with it?
i need for FPS game ^_^
thanks for your apreciate :)

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Mustang Rt said...
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Mustang Rt said...

The Sims 4 is playable, Avg.<30fps (Intel X3100, Intel T8300, 2GB ddr2, SSD)

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