Hello everyone.

I set up this blog since I've come across countless posts from different forums about whether a certain game works on a laptop with an integrated graphics solution such as the Intel X3100.

While this blog will cover the X3100, which I have, you can also find a link to the blog about the GMA950 integrated solution (which is maintained by ElbertZai), and as such will prove that integrated graphics solutions are not to be brushed aside.

Welcome to the unique world of mobile gaming.

Friday, February 20, 2009

X3100 Tweak Util

Hi everyone! I'm halfway through with my promised X3100 util application as promised earlier.

I just saw the need for a utility like this to help keep others from messing up their registry while tweaking, and at the same time give convenience for those who know registry tweaking.

No more opening up Regedit and searching for the keywords, manually adding/modifying keys and whatnot, just a simple click on a button or two and off you go to see if it has helped make your game run better.

I may just be able to wrap this up before the month ends (± a few days or so).

Keep tuned.


Taylon said...

when comes the Tweak Utility?
I have a Vaio with X3100 and I think the Graphicscart have more Power,but Intel Drivers and the Maker from these Drivers have not the Potential.I cant wait so long.
Best Regards
I am from German and I know my English is not so good.I stay tuned!

CyberNetizen said...

Guten Tag Taylon.

I can only resume work on the utility in between my regular work so I have no definite date as to when it will be released here, but I'm targeting this month's end, give or take a few days or so. :)

Taylon said...

Great to hear this.
What do you think about Intel Graphic Drivers?Good or Not?
Greets from Germany

Akash said...

Kool man this thread is!!

I even hav the same lappy.

Toshiba L300 But with Intel T8500 2.4GHZ and 2GB RAM.

Advice something on how to increase FPS in Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia 4, Stranglehold, and Gears of war!

Kudos, u reign!!

Jonas_big_boy said...

I added your blog to my blog if you don't mind. You can add mine too. I'm in the begining. I'll post more soon.


And I can't wait wait to see the result of your work.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

any news?

Jonas_big_boy said...

How's the work going? What kind of improvement i'll take when using your future tool? More 10-15fps in some games? (god, that would be a great job)

CyberNetizen said...

Hi everyone. My apologies for the delay, lots of work right now and I haven't found the spare time I was hoping I'd get to finish the coding.

The tweak util I'm trying to make won't be delving inside the device drivers itself but rather on the registry, to add/modify the entries as mentioned in the "Advanced" topic found on this blog. This will make it easier for people to test if activating/deactivating Software TnL will give them an improvement on certain games. This utility will certainly be more convenient than opening up Regedit, searching for the entries, manually adding the DWord, closing Regedit, then testing the game.

I pray I get my work completed asap so that I can go back to finishing this utility. :)

Jon said...

Would it be possible for you make a post about getting Quake Live to run at 125 fps in a X3100 laptop.

Since so many people are playing it and how a X3100 should be fast enough.

CyberNetizen said...

Hi everyone, with regards to the util, I'm getting a bit of hitch in that Win 7, which I'm currently testing on my laptop and where I do my development currently, is quite a bit different than vista and XP because when I'm testing the alpha on three different machines with these three different OSes, I don't get consistent results, coupled to the fact that the registry keys where the values to be modified/added are found reside in unique keys per PC so I'm currently creating a workaround for that.

With regard to the 125fps on QLive post by Jon, I hope it's clear that this blog is not about how fast the X3100 is, but rather how to squeeze a bit more from it.

Some low-end discrete (dedicated) cards have enough trouble getting that FPS so I don't think that would be a realistic target for an integrated solution.

As has been mentioned, integrated graphics performance varies greatly depending on your other hardware, i.e. the X3100 performs differently on units with different processors, memory, etc..., what we're aiming for is playability.

We know that this graphics solution is more business-oriented and not gaming-oriented, but it so happened that there are business people who like a casual game every now and then.

For the meantime, if you are comfortable with registry editing, you might want to try the registry modifications mentioned on the Advanced Settings Part 2 thread.

I'm currently hammering away at the other obstacles I'm encountering while coding the Tweak Util.

Thanks for the patience everyone!

Anonymous said...

Is it comming soon? :) Does anyone know when will gma booster be avaliable for x3100? thx

Anonymous said...

2 Months later nothing to see.

atb2_k_3 said...

Is this still coming ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
xKen said...

dun think his still doing it -.-

Anonymous said...

yup seems like vaporware ;p don't say ur doing something when ur not please

CyberNetizen said...

Development on this has been put on hold since I have been assigned far from home and I can't bring my main comp that I use for programming with me here and the company-provided comp is not up to the job.

Vaporware it is not. As you will note, prior to my reassignment, I have been testing it on XP and Vista, and lately on Win 7.

As mentioned there is quite an issue on the consistency of the registry values which makes it far from user-friendly.

Rest assured that this will be released as time allows. I won't be putting any more target dates since the last time I did that, it coincided with my reassignment and as such made matters worse.

Thanks. For the meantime, you may use the not-so-user-friendly approach to tweaking your X3100.

My apologies to those who had to wait.

Anonymous said...

I searched all over the Net for tweaks but i couldn't find it.

And, i think that in order to make a tweak util, you must have a lot of tweaks that can be done manually right?

So could you please, send me those tweaks?
My mail is : AlexDeimling@Gmail.com

Thank you,

Alex said...

And also, where can i download this not user friendly tweak util?


Enrico Vialli said...

umm..wheres the X3100 tweak util??still using my X3100 :)

Meetparekh23 said...

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Meetparekh23 said...

Check out my YouTube channel " Meetparekh23 "

Mirror edge on x3100 :-


Prince of Persia :-


If these helped do subscribe