Hello everyone.

I set up this blog since I've come across countless posts from different forums about whether a certain game works on a laptop with an integrated graphics solution such as the Intel X3100.

While this blog will cover the X3100, which I have, you can also find a link to the blog about the GMA950 integrated solution (which is maintained by ElbertZai), and as such will prove that integrated graphics solutions are not to be brushed aside.

Welcome to the unique world of mobile gaming.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello everyone. As fate would have it, I have put on hold the development of the tweak util for the X3100.

This util was meant to edit the registry settings, implementing the steps outlined on the "Advanced Tweaks" method without anyone having to mess around with Regedit itself and putting their systems at risk.

However, I have recently gotten a lot of work which limits the time available for me to continue development. In addition to that, I have been assigned away from my main comp which I use for programming, company-provided comp is not up to the job.

Rest assured I will continue work on this as soon as time permits. There are a lot of X3100 owners out there and I really want to help them maximize the gear they purchased.

Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you'll finish that tweak software. It would be a hell of a help for people who want to play their games decently.

Thank you for your effort!

Chris said...

I agree with the first comment. I'm stuck with an X3100, too. It'd be really great to have some kind of tweak tool.

Btw., it's a pity that there isn't any GMABooster for the X3100.

Withir said...

You've done good job already. Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work that you have already put into this and well done for getting as far as you have. I understand that you have little time to complete this but could you please give some sort of estimation as to when it will be finished.

Good work so far.

Alex said...

Hi Cybernetizen,
Could you give me some tweaks that i can do it manually?

Cause if you are going to make a tweak util you must have a handful of tweaks on your hand right?
So, could you give me those?

Please, Mail me or reply.

isair said...

I coded a highly detailed tweaker for you guys. Please keep in mind that it can't access registry if you don't run it as an admin (in Vista/Win7):

Download at: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y3ijhziggol

I made a topic on CEF and lapgamers.com about it, here is a link to the one in CEF:

Anonymous said...

Isair nice work!!! it does the TnL (Hardware or software) on and off thing. As far as I can tell it runs better on Software on all my games so far, thats how it was originally. Anything else I can do with it?


isair said...

Well you can't do anything else with it as the only tweak I knew for x3100 was that and I learned that tweak from this blog. So if anyone lets me know of another tweak I'll be more than happy to add it in my application.

CyberNetizen said...

Awesome work Isair!

I'll put a link to it on the main page with credits to you.

My own development has been halted due to constraints in my current work.

This shall be a big help to x3100 users out there who don't feel comfortable puttering around with their registry.